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Wood Kiln Firing

Stop by the studio any time on Wednesday, July 5th to experience the wood kiln firing.  This multi-day process from loading to unloading is a community effort - from prepping the kiln, wadding the pots, stacking the wares and bricking the doors to the the 36-hour firing, the multi-day cooling and the final excitement of unloading the pots.  

Our two-chamber wood-firing kiln was designed by Will Ruggles and built by Michael Hunt.  During the firing, the wood ash is deposited on the pots creating favorable effects and glazing the ware.  Salt or soda is added to the second chamber during firing to create additional atmospheric effects and a different result than in the wood chamber.  

The kiln unloading will take place on Saturday, July 8th at 10am.  The public is also welcome to watch and/or assist with the unloading process.  In keeping with tradition, most of the pots will be available for sale on Saturday morning.  It's a great chance to purchase ware directly from the artists, fresh from the kiln.

Come learn more about this centuries-old, fascinating mix of science and art!