the Farm + food

The small-scale farm at Craigardan is a test plot for innovative practices and "sustainable" design on a relatively small piece of Adirondack land. We research, adapt, and implement philosophy from permaculture, agroecological, and diversified farming techniques.  Plant and animal varieties are chosen based on these ideals and on the specific challenges of the mountain property paired with our desire to consume and promote flavorful, healthy, seasonal, local foods.

Craigardan's residents are members of the farm, receiving a weekly farm share of our own harvest and supplemented with a variety of goods from our partner farms.  Residents prepare their own meals from the share, which adds to their experience in a new and more complete way.  Here, a residency is an opportunity to engage all of the senses - including taste.



As farming communities begin to strengthen around the region, we wish to showcase what the Adirondacks and the Champlain Valley has to offer the culinary world.  With our farm and our partner farms as a pantry, we invite emerging and professional chefs to hone their craft, collaborate with the community, and inspire our culinary culture.

Craigardan currently offers 4 culinary residency opportunities and 2 Farm Internship positions in the summer.  Click the links to learn more and apply now:

Culinary Arts Residency (6 weeks)

Resident Internship (3-6 months)


Special events as well as single day and multi-day educational workshops on food and farming are offered throughout the season.  Topics include herbalism, nutrition, food justice, foraging, fermentation and more.  Our classes will teach you to grow what you eat, cook what you grow, and support our local farm and food landscape.  

Culinary events + APPLEBARN SERIES

Enjoy the art of an Adirondack harvest at one of our upcoming culinary events including intimate pop up dinners in Applebarn, and our end-of-the-season celebration, Dinner in the Field.  Join us in the Applebarn on Friday evenings in the summer for a free series of artist talks, guest lectures, presentations, and round table conversations.  

farm store

Need we say more?  Located adjacent to our Farmhouse Gallery, shop for berries for your new bowls and flowers for your new vase.  The Farm Store is a pantry full of Craigardan's flavors.  Open Monday through Saturday, 9am-5pm.