Working toward justice in our food system

 Keynote speaker, Margaret Gray, at the launch event  What Does Food Justice Look Like in the Adirondacks

Keynote speaker, Margaret Gray, at the launch event What Does Food Justice Look Like in the Adirondacks

Who We Are

Craigardan is honored to be a founding partner of the North Country Food Justice Working Group (FJWG) which was formed in 2017 with Racey Henderson of Essex Farm Institute, Zohar Gitlis of Adirondack Farm-2-School Initiative, and Tatiana Abatemarco of the University of Vermont.  

What We Do

The Food Justice Working Group is a new coalition of nonprofit and for-profit organizations, community members, local businesses, farmers and farm workers, and government agencies who have come together to start the conversation about creating a more equitable food system in the North Country. The FJWG seeks to address our region's unique issues of accessibility, inclusivity, nutrition, and justice from field to fork.

 The founding partners at the first Food Justice Summit

The founding partners at the first Food Justice Summit

What is Food Justice?

Food Justice asks the question "How do we create a fair food system?"  The word "food justice" implies that there must be food injustice in our system.  We are working together to identify those injustices in the North Country and move toward a stronger and more accessible, inclusive, nutritious and just food system for everyone.

How You can Help

A food system is a network of farms, food suppliers, producers, consumers, restaurants, food hubs, distributers, and more.  We're all part of the food system in one way or another.  We're looking for partners to help plan and implement educational programming, the annual food justice summit, and actionable tasks throughout the region.  Contact us to find out more.  

feed back: growing and sharing the abundance

The FJWG held the first regional food summit on March 1st, 2017 at the Wild Center in Tupper Lake, NY


An Inspiring Start

The term Food justice simply asks: how do we create a fair food system?  We welcomed over 30 speakers, panelists and presenters to help us unpack this seemingly simple question and to get us thinking -and acting- proactively as a region.  There were over 160 participants, ready to roll up the sleeves and get to work.  The audience included community leaders, elected officials, teachers, organizations, businesses, farmers, and individuals who came together to ask the big questions - What does Food Justice Look like here in our region, now, and in the future?  And, how do we create a strong food system together?  The Summit was one step in the process.  Together we began to identify priority projects, worked to strengthen existing initiatives, and find ways to aid collaboration.


Session Topics

Breakout Session topics included:

  • Migrant Farmworkers:  Food Sovereignty and Justice 
  • How Communities Divert Food Waste to Feed the Food Insecure
  • Land Access for Young Farmers
  • Farm Worker Pay and Rights: Can Farming and Food Processing Provide a Sustainable Livelihood?
  • The Farm Bill as a Tool for Social Change
  • Growing the Farm to Prison Movement in the North Country
  • Farm to Institution in the North Country
  • Fighting Chronic Disease and Food Insecurity with a Local Diet
  • Farmshare Fund and Workshop
  • Ending Racism in the Food System

Food System Mapping Project.  Click to enlarge.