catharine seidenberg

Catherine Seidenberg is a potter, professional gardener, and Craigardan's first Harvest Plate Resident.  Catherine is designing and making over 200 beautiful pieces of tableware for this year's benefit event, Dinner in the Field.

caitlin wright

Caitlyn is a ceramic artist who's work explores the intersection between food and functional pots. She is interested in pushing the bounds of our relationship with food and how the act of dining can be elevated when paired with thoughtful ceramic tableware. She is Craigardan's studio artist-in-residence and has been awarded this year's Teaching Fellowship.

tyler bischoff

Tyler is a functional and sculptural potter from New Jersey. His love for ceramics was born while attending the Gow School, an all-boys boarding school for dyslexic young men in Buffalo, New York. Tyler studied under Ted Lossowski and received his degree in Visual Arts from Wells College in 2015 and then joined the staff of the Saratoga clay Arts Center as a studio intern and instructor. Here he worked closely with artist Jill Fishon- Kovachick and apprenticed under Regis Brodie.  Tyler's work is inspired by the desire to encourage touch and interaction with his vessels. The challenges of Dyslexia made him more of a kinesthetic and visual learner. The texture he uses in his work is visually stimulating with a presence that encourages a physical interaction with the work, breaking the rule of art as object only to be viewed and not to be touched.