CURRENT Residents


emma silverstein

Emma was raised in Connecticut and received her BFA in ceramics from Syracuse University. She has studied in India and China, worked as a beekeeper, and taught dance, ceramics and weaving.  As the Harvest Plate Resident at Craigardan, Emma is designing and producing tableware for our annual Dinner in the Field event while maintaining her own studio practice in clay and fibers.  

Kyle Brumsted

Kyle is a functional potter, originally from Ithaca, NY. His work utilizes clean forms with slight alterations and simple geometric elements to highlight the effects of atmospheric firing with salt and soda. Before coming to Craigardan as the Resident Studio Intern, Kyle gained experience working as a studio intern at Baltimore Clayworks and as an apprentice for Montreal artist Mahmoud Baghaeian.  While at Craigardan he hopes to gain a deep understanding of material properties and interactions through research and experimentation in order to lay bare the processes of making and firing in the finished vessel. Outside of clay, he has worked as a software developer for the last several years and now aims to bring that same technical orientation to clay, but with more human results.

Nancy both

Nancy lives - and wears many hats -  in Keene, NY and brings a tremendous amount of experience in hospitality, food, gardening, and pottery to all she does at Craigardan.  Nancy is a Makerspace potter and studio intern at Craigardan, focusing on clay and glaze mixing and wood kiln firing techniques.