Application Process:

General residency applications are accepted on a rolling basis until spaces are filled.  We encourage early applications!

Summer Residencies //  Length:  weekly or monthly between June 1 and September 30 

Winter Residencies //  Length:  monthly between November 1 and April 30  

All accepted applicants are awarded a scholarship at this time. With the scholarship, the residency fee is only $250 per week or $1000 per month. The actual cost of the residency is $1700 per month in 2019. If you wish to pay the full cost of your residency, you’ll provide scholarship funds to help support other artists.

Summer Fellowship Application deadline: March 1st

Winter Fellowship Application deadline: August 1st

Application must include:

The Completed Application form below plus:

  • Your Resume or CV

  • A Letter of Intent including: how you plan to use your residency, what you hope to contribute to the community, and how a residency at Craigardan will benefit you. Please include details on space and materials requirements if necessary.

And Supporting Application Materials:

  • 5-10 images of recent work, and an image script which includes the title, medium, size, and date of each image

  • -or- 3 writing samples

  • -or- 2 or more sample menus

  • -or- examples of publications or research materials

  • -or- any other video, publication, etc. that best portrays your work

 Plus…(if applying for a Teaching Fellowship):

  • Complete list of teaching experience, awards or honors

  • 2 or more sample lesson plans that you have taught or would like to teach


There is no application fee at this time.  Please contact Michele to learn more about the Residencies or to apply for a group residency:  Notification will be made via email.  

Apply now for your residency in two steps:

Step 1 // submit application form

Name *
Mailing Address *
Mailing Address
Phone *
When? *
If You're applying for the Internship Program, which focus?
If you would like to be considered for a fellowship, check those that apply:
Please note the deadlines: April 1st and August 1st
If you are not applying for a fellowship, select one: *

step 2 // upload application materials

Be sure to gather all of the necessary application materials together in a file.

Name each document with your last name and the document name. Example: Smith-Resume.pdf

You’ll need to submit your:

  • Resume or CV

  • Statement of Intent (what would you like to pursue while in-residence and why is this important to you?)

  • Supporting materials as relevent:

    • 3 writing samples -or-

    • 10 images if your work -or-

    • 2 or more sample menus -or-

    • examples of publications or research materials

    • any additional requirements for fellowship applications such as sample course or workshop descriptions

Click the Upload button below to open Drive Uploader. Choose “select files from your computer” and highlight all the files to upload simultaneously. If you are unable to upload all of the necessary files at once, click on the button below to upload additional files.