The Writer's Residency is a year-round opportunity for writers to fully immerse themselves in an exquisite retreat environment conducive to working with no distraction.  We invite applications from emerging and accomplished writers of all genres who would benefit from a focused amount of un-guided time to create a new work, complete a project, conduct research, or simply find inspiration amid the beauty of the Adirondack Mountains.  Only one writer is accepted at a time.

The primary aim of the residency is to provide uninterrupted time and space to work in a supportive community of artists and makers.  Writers have access to a variety of office and studio and outdoor spaces in a thoughtfully designed campus.  Participants are encouraged to exchange ideas and engage with the creative energy of the staff and fellow residents, explore the surrounding Adirondack region, and share their work with the local community through public readings.

Writers live in a shared house.  Housemates may include other writers, researchers, visual artists, culinary artists, or agriculturalists.  Residents receive up to 3 prepared community meals each week by our culinary artists and cook the remainder of their own meals from Craigardan's farm produce, local products from our partner farms, and other organic ingredients available in our farm store.   

In the summer, the writer-in-residence has solo access to their secluded cabin tucked in the trees from which to work.  The studio provides privacy and quiet with wooded views out to the working farm.  It is furnished with a large writing table, comfortable desk and oversized lounging chairs, and a bookshelf.  There is no electricity or plumbing in the cabin, so writers return to the house for internet service and bathroom breaks.  In the winter, the writer-in-residence lives in the house with a separate, indoor writing studio.

The (highly subsidized) residency fee is $250 per week or $1000 per month ($33/day) and includes:

  • a private room with shared bathroom, kitchen, and living spaces

  • all utilities including wireless internet

  • Spring through Fall - private writer's cabin

  • Winter - private office space furnished specifically for creative writers

  • June through September - a weekly farm share (vegetables, meat, dairy, grains and beans) and up to 3 prepared meals per week

  • public reading and/or lecture opportunities

  • an open invitation to participate in all programs and events at Craigardan if desired

  • time for creative exploration that may include collaboration with other residents and local community members if desired

  • ongoing organizational support whenever possible

Group Residencies are also available for collaborators and workshops.  Please email us to learn more.  

Creative Writing FELLOWSHIP

The Creative Writing Fellowship is awarded to two artists each year - one Summer and one Winter residency.  Interested writers may submit an application by March 1st for a Summer session (between June 1 and October 1) or by August 1st for a Winter session (between November 1 and May 1).  Fellows will be selected based on merit by a jury professional writers.  

The Fellowship fully covers all residency fees for a residency of up to one month.  We welcome applications from writers at any stage of their career.


2017 Writers-In-Residence


"What a wonderful and productive time. Although the setting was gloriously distracting (the Adirondacks in autumn as viewed from the Adirondack chairs!), somehow I managed in the main to stay desk-bound and accomplish more writing and organizing of material than even hoped." Alison Owings

"Craigardan is an amazing place for writers, a perfect combination of isolation, camaraderie, and natural beauty. I had a big desk in a cozy room and no distractions except the lure of a spectacular hike when I needed to clear my mind or work out a plot point." Deborah Michel

"Craigardan offered me the kind of radical hospitality that every writer dreams of receiving. I had a room to myself in a rustic farmhouse, infinite hours to write, and the Adirondacks all around to offer inspiration and a place to stretch my limbs after a long day at work. Even better, the refrigerator was stuffed with eggs from the chickens outside our windows and vegetables from the garden. All of this support allowed me the time and focus to finish a draft of my novel in ten days." Jennifer Steil

"Craigardan offers solace, silence, space and time to write in the Adirondack Mountains. Everything fills the creative well. A nurturing community of artists and kindred spirits. The view. Walks in the woods. Fresh food from the garden. The practice of simple, sustainable living. Thanks to Craigardan I experienced breakthroughs in work I'd wrestled with for twenty years." Lorene Garrett

"I spent a week at Craigardan, finishing up a novel, taking long lovely walks and feasting on food from the farm. Writer's heaven." Ellen Sussman

"The minute I pulled into the driveway, I knew this was my kind of place: a big farmhouse on a hill, rolling gardens, and out over the tree line, massive mountains in sharp relief, looking close enough to hit them with a stone. What should I call it—an honesty in the landscape, that is also apparent in the people living and working there: these are real people in a real place. I felt, I think, relieved of the burden of being literary, of trying to say something important, and simply moved to write. A manuscript of poems, which seems to take me about five years to complete, takes maybe four or five key turns in its development, each of which I must wait for before moving on; the last key turn in the book I’m finishing now happened at Craigardan; I am increasingly unsure it could have happened anywhere else." Christian Barter

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I've had a tremendously productive and delightful two weeks due to your generosity and kindness. What an inspiration this place and its people and animals are!" Amy L. Seidl

2018-2019 Writers-in-Residence

Nina Boutsikaris

Marko Wilkinson

Courtlin Byrd

Cathleen Mulrooney

Jennifer Steil

Kimberly Cutter

Ann Armbrect

Theresa Senato Edwards

Ko Im

Lauren Cortese

“The drive out of the mountains was easy and clear and I came back different than when I left and felt so much gratitude for Craigardan and its people.  When I arrived what I hoped to do was in the realm of the theoretical, now it is real.”  Andrea Volpe


PLEASE NOTE:  All residents are responsible for their own transportation and any personal materials, additional groceries or expenses.   Applicants are welcome to schedule a visit to Craigardan prior to applying.