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from art to intellectual discourse, outrageous cooking to carving stone.  don't miss out.




Craigardan Envisions

An Adirondack region defined by its makers who are committed to the development of sustainable systems that integrate the needs of human communities with the integrity of the natural world.

providing time and space


time and space to create

residency and fellowship opportunities for emerging and established artists
residencies and makerspaces for writers, thinkers, researchers and makers of all disciplines
farm and culinary residencies, internships and workshops for aspiring growers, makers, and chefs

building community


explore relationships, learn to grow

unique workshops to encourage skill building at any age
a free public lecture series with visiting artists and scholars
a full schedule of community classes for all abilities, and across all domains
a small-scale farm with the goal and the freedom to explore questions of conservation, sustainability and connectivity

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