A Summer Culinary Arts Residency at Craigardan provides private housing and kitchen space to culinary artists and emerging chefs in an exquisite environment that is conducive to creatively working on new ideas, exploring the region’s food-scape, and developing the chef’s farm-to-table and seasonal repertoire without distraction.  This program is designed to assist chefs during an integral stage of their career, either to establish themselves in the culinary world or to infuse a mid-career turning point with new energy and fresh perspective.

The aim of the residency is to:

provide chefs with the time and raw ingredients necessary to gain a deeper creative understanding of the future of farm-to table dining.  It is our hope that chefs will take a leadership role in redefining modern culinary culture, thereby assisting farmers in the mission to grow nutritious, flavorful, and sustainable foods.  
express Craigardan’s mission of environmental stewardship via the notion of individual responsibility through food
create a bridge between the Farm and the Studio by integrating the Culinary Arts as a creative discipline in the residency program.  Food is the language of the farm and the inspiration for many crafts. Residents are encouraged to collaborate with and take inspiration from Craigardan’s resident artists and staff.

Each residency session is 6-weeks in length, between June 1 and October 15.  Three sessions are offered each year, one resident per session.  Chefs may wish to come for more than one session, and stay in-residence up to 4 months.

  • Session 1:  June 1 - July 15
  • Session 2:  July 16 - August 31
  • Session 3:  September 1 - October 15  

The residency fee is $1,600 per session and includes:

  • private 2-room suite with private bathroom in the Farmhouse
  • professional kitchen space and pantry as resident’s studio
  • access to the farm’s bounty including fruits, vegetables, and eggs as well as custom slaughtered meats
  • the option to work with our farmers to learn more about production, harvest, and butchery
  • the ability to participate in programs and events at Craigardan
  • time for creative exploration that may include recipe development, writing a cookbook, ingredient experimentation, etc.
  • a generous food budget to source ingredients from other local partner farms  
  • organizational support whenever possible for research or community initiatives
  • The chef attending the third session (Sept/Oct) will have the opportunity to develop and execute the menu for the Fall Harvest Benefit (dinner in the field).  This is a paid opportunity.


  • chefs-in-residence are required to prepare one harvest lunch each week for the Craigardan community (staff and residents) with full creative control while respecting any dietary restrictions.  Kitchen assistance will be provided when necessary.
  • commit to using environmental ethics when sourcing all ingredients from off-farm.
  • present a public talk about the goals of the residency by sharing their vision and experiences

Cook-The-Farm Fellowship

Chefs may apply for a Cook-The-Farm Fellowship.  The Fellowship supports a culinary artist or emerging chef with a particular passion for preservation, such as the curing of meats, food storage, fermentation, jams and preserves, or the drying and storage of herbs and spices.  The accepted candidate will have a strong interest in the advancement of local and seasonal preparations, in teaching and community education, and a desire to further collaboration with farmers.  

The $1,600. residency fee will be waived in exchange for presenting a class or workshop, assisting with the preservation of seasonal harvests, and preparing four meals for the staff and residents each week.


  • plan and prepare up to four meals each week for the Craigardan community (staff and residents).  Kitchen assistance provided.
  • plan and prepare a monthly Farmhouse Dinner
  • teach cooking workshops to the community in your area of expertise (8-10 participants).  Work with the director to plan and execute classes that highlight your particular culinary talent.
  • work with the Farm Manager to preserve seasonal harvests
  • develop relationships with local farmers and producers
  • commit to using environmental ethics when sourcing all ingredients from off-farm.


  • a strong interest in creative food use and cooking
  • good communication skills and the ability to work independently
  • basic knowledge of food preparation and preservation techniques

PLEASE NOTE:  All residents are responsible for their own transportation, personal tools, or specific requirements.  All residents contribute to common housekeeping work in Applebarn and in the Farmhouse.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to schedule a visit to Craigardan prior to applying.


Residency length:  3 sessions, 6-weeks each between June 1 and October 15

Session 1:  June 1 - July 15

Session 2:  July 16 - August 31

Session 3:  September 1 - October 15  

2018 Application deadline: April 1st

One Applicant will be accepted for each session.

Application must include:

  • Completed Application form
  • Resume
  • Statement of Intent - describe the research or direction you would like to pursue while in residency.  
  • Include details on any specific equipment or ingredient requirements.
  • 3 References

 Plus…(Fellowship Application Only):

  • 3 sample menus
  • A sample cooking class or workshop description

There is no application fee at this time.  Complete applications should be emailed to michele@craigardan.org.  Notification will be made via email.   Once applications are received, interviews and possible demonstration meals will be scheduled.