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Built To Last

Monday, August 14th 10am - 12pm 

Instructors:  The Space We Make collaborators

Our culture values building things that stand the test of time: buildings, roads, institutions, even values themselves. But is this value always serving us? Drawing upon eco-feminist ideologies, we will stand up to the pressure to create a legacy and instead focus on nurturing the natural landscape in which we find ourselves at Craigardan. With the creation of ephemeral eco-art sculptures using natural materials found throughout the property, participants will have the opportunity to work individually and in a group on anything from small altars honoring grass, trees, stone, mineral and leaf, to larger shape investigations. The workshop will allow participants to put their creativity, bodies and minds towards a “making” that is truly built not to last, but to fold back into the ecosystem itself.

Workshop Fee - $20 (all proceeds go toward the Paul Z. Nowicki Master Artists Fellowship)

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The Space We Make is a multidisciplinary performance company that has been creating site-specific work in the Adirondacks and New York City for the past five years. Co-founded and directed by dancer/choreographer Simon Thomas-Train and writer/musician Caitlin Scholl, both Adirondack natives, The Space We Make is committed to bringing high-level performance and innovative, immersive art forms to North Country audiences.