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Slow Clay

Mondays and Wednesdays, 6-8pm

Instructor:  Barbara Tam

In our Slow Clay days together, we will work slowly and deliberately to make discoveries about the properties of clay as material and what it can create.  Acting slowly in our making with heightened attention to the experience, plates, cups, bowls, and sculptural forms will emerge from our hands.  Molds, hand-building techniques, and the wheel will facilitate our learning.  The stories of noted potters and sculptors throughout history will be shared.

This clay class will offer a style of working in art whereby participants may experience time unfolding - and that’s an exciting discovery. It unlocks passion and creativity and helps to create more art (and clay!) lovers. 

As the pace of contemporary life seems to accelerate, we will slow down. Makers new to clay are especially welcome, though this class is open to all.  Our evenings together will encourage our many working hands with cups of tea, soft music, and fellowship.

$185 including materials and firings | 6 sessions + Saturday open studio

Min. 4, Max. 8