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2nd Annual Dinner // What Does Food Justice Look Like?

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Support regional food justice initiatives!

This annual dinner event takes a close look at issues of accessibility, inclusivity, nutrition, and justice in our local food system.  This year, we are pleased to welcome keynote speaker, Renan Salgado.

"As more and more attention is being brought to our food supply, nutrition, disease prevention, and organic sustainable farming, there needs to be an equal push for collective awareness of the historic and current conditions faced by farm workers in the United States. The history of agriculture and slavery go hand in hand throughout the history of human beings.  Today, slavery-like living and working conditions are still present in agriculture and before any discussion on what we eat takes place, we need to have a serious discussion about who is picking our fruits and vegetables and milking our cows."

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Renan Salgado was born in Ecuador and migrated to the United States in 1984.  He is the Senior Human Trafficking Specialist at the Worker Justice Center, formerly known as Farmworker Legal Services, and has been investigating cases of migrant farmworker exploitation since January of 2000.  Renan has been dedicating his career to the fight against human trafficking in agriculture, and recently has expanded his investigations to other industries, mostly focusing on labor trafficking.  He is responsible for the creation of multiple Human Trafficking Taskforces throughout NY.  Since 2001, Renan has been working in tandem with agents from the FBI, Homeland Security, State Police, and local law enforcement units throughout the state of NY.  Renan has also been training local, state, and federal Law Enforcement agents since 2007, and has been a keynote speaker and panelist at various National and International Human Trafficking conferences.  Most recently, Renan has trained the Los Angeles Human Trafficking Task Force, the Mexican Government's Attorney General's Office, Mexican INTERPOL agents,  as well as OVC grantees in how to proactively investigate cases of labor trafficking.  Renan is the co-chair of the Freedom Network's Training Institute, a member of the Freedom Network's Steering Committee, and a board member of John Brown Lives.

Craigardan is proud to be a founding member of the Food Justice Working Group, which was formed to bring together diverse stakeholders who seek to create a roadmap for inclusivity, accessibility, nutrition, and justice in the North Country local food system.  

Suggested donation $25 // including dinner.  Please email for more information.  All proceeds go toward Food Justice Working Group regional initiatives such as the winter food justice summit.

**THIS EVENT IS SOLD-OUT**. Please email to join the wait-list

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