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Alternate Constructions: Handbuilding and Throwing

Tuesdays, 6-8pm

Instructor:  Kyle Brumsted and guests  

Handbuilding pottery is an exciting addition to using the potter’s wheel, and it gives the artist a new opportunity to experiment with form and texture.  We will be continuing to throw, but we will also work with slabs, coils, and molded clay to make functional pots.  We'll learn how use a variety of our plaster molds including drape and press molds.  We will also learn about and experiment with a variety of decorative surface techniques such as sprigs, slip trailing, and stamping.  Participants will look at a range of contemporary and historic pottery, then sketch out ideas and work with different construction techniques.  The result will be modern, functional forms. Each participant will take home their wares, glazed and fired to 2200 degrees in the electric kiln.

$185 including materials and firings | 6 sessions + Saturday open studio

min. 2, max. 6