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Creek Collective: Gallery Opening + Artist Talk with Lily Fein

Creek Collective

August 6 - September 14


Curated by Lily Fein

Participating Artists:  Marco Wilkinson, Martha Schnee, James Coarse, Nina Boutsikaris, Sam Cecil, Zachary Clemans, Lily Fein, Renqian Yang, Cait Finley, Satchel Forrester

‘Creek Collective’ evolved through conversations at Craigardan about the common threads in many of these artists’ works which pour out of themselves in haptic, desirous, and a getting-closer-to-the-material kind of way. We are investigating what it means to touch – the land, our senses, where we meet. Interested in connection and connected through friendship, ‘Creek Collective’ shares well springs which hold the objects, photos and writings together in a cobweb that persists through time and location. Bound and loose, the makers relish in their individuality and the conversations that begin to form via the curves and crystals in their works.  Lily Fein

Lily Fein makes coiled and pinched vessels that emphasize the imprint of the hand. She speaks a visual language, bringing to life the tensions of conversation and interaction. With curves and surface, she explores what it is to touch - where the interior and exterior of a vessel meet and in the finger-marked skin of the pot. Fein has lived in the Mojave Desert, dipped into many creek beds in the United States, and makes music in her band, The Glue. Her home base is Eastern Massachusetts.  Lily is Craigardan's summer Studio Resident Intern.  

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