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FEED Back: Everyone Eats!


Join us for the third annual food summit at the Wild Center

brought to you by the North Country Food Justice Working Group

THURSDAY, February 27th, 2020.  9am - 5pm

The Wild Center | 45 Museum Drive, Tupper Lake, NY



2020 Theme: Poverty and Food

Previous Food Justice Summit conferences brought together activists, farmers, consumers, and educators to speak about advocacy, politics, and grassroots organizing.  This year’s summit singles out a particular strand of these previous broad analyses: poverty and food. This theme reflects the urgency about inequalities in our world, and invites conference participants to work collectively as problem-solvers.  We seek to identify obstacles and successful initiatives that address the intersection of poverty and food: activism, institutional change, and policy.

Local Farmers: What conditions are necessary for local farmers to be economically sustainable?  What challenges do farmers identify that interfere with the affordability of their products? What laws and policies must change to address economic inequality of farm labor, especially migrant farm labor?

Students: What is the inside story about food insecurity on college campuses?  How is this problem best addressed, and by whom? We invite students to share what they are learning about poverty and food in their academic courses, service projects, and internships.

Teachers: K-12 educators share their innovative strategies, methods, readings, and lesson plan content for teaching about poverty, inequality, and food.

Health Professionals: What challenges are health professionals facing that fall within the arena of poverty and food?  What initiatives are successful in meeting these challenges?

Reports from the front line—food bank directors, food shelf managers, volunteers:

Are invited to speak about the immediate problems that affect your work.  What are best practices that you can recommend to others? Do charity solutions to food insecurity impede or interfere with justice solutions?

Types of proposals: 

  • Presentations: 10 minute TED-style talk

  • Panels: 75 minutes; featuring diverse speakers 

  • Workshops: 75 minutes;  active engagement of audience

Please submit an abstract (250 word max) that includes the type of proposal, content, and name(s) and affiliation(s) of presenters.

Email proposals to: 

Proposals due by December 15, 2019.

Food Justice Summit Sponsorship:  Would you like to sponsor the upcoming summit?  All sponsorships of $100 or more will be recognized in marketing materials.  $200 Event Sponsors and above will also be included on T-shirts and conference materials. Key Sponsor logos will be featured in all media communications and prominently mentioned on all marketing and conference materials.

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Sponsorships make all of this possible! Our goal is to keep the registration fee as LOW as possible for maximum accessibility.


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The Food Justice Working Group (FJWG) is a coalition of nonprofit and for-profit organizations, community members, local businesses, farmers and farm workers, and government agencies who have come together to start the conversation about creating a more equitable food system in the North Country.

The group seeks to address our region's unique issues of accessibility, inclusivity, nutrition and justice from field to fork.

What can you do to help?

The FJWG is looking for additional partners, sponsors, and individuals who are interested in supporting the group’s work and participating in the summit.  The FJWG wants input from all community members! Please contact us at for more information and to get involved.

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